Without doubt the breakup of a relationship is one of the most stressful and upsetting periods in anyone’s life. This is why, at KTP solicitors, we have always approached these issues, and the family law which goes with it, in an extremely sensitive and client centred way.

KTP Solicitors have been leaders in the provision of family law services for over a generation. That service continues today.

The department deals with all aspects of family law but in particular the following:

  • Divorce, separation and family breakdown
  • Children matters to include disputes over contact and residents
  • Local authority childcare issues
  • Separation agreements
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • All aspects of financial regulation following a relationship breakdown.


Legal Aid is still available in some situations and we can offer it where available and where you are financially eligible. Please call to see if we can offer you free legal advice and assistance.


Where legal aid is not available, and unhappily this will be the majority of the time, we offer a number of different packages which you can tailor to suit your own means.


We offer 4 different levels of service:

Basic Service. This is the cheapest service we provide at the cost of £99 plus VAT. For this we will supply you with the documents you need to file yourself with your divorce and a step-by-step guide to assist you in completing the documents yourself. In addition you will need to pay the court fees directly to the court which are currently £550 to issue a petition and £50 to make the decree absolute which will end your marriage.

Basic Service and Checking. For this service, in addition to the basic service, we will also assist you in the completion of any documents required for the divorce and send you sample letters so you can deal with correspondence with the court. We will also check the documents you prepared before you send them to the court. The cost of the service is £149 plus VAT, plus you will also have to pay court fees as indicated above.

Assisted Divorce. For the service we will provide you with all the documentation you need to complete to achieve your divorce, together with our step-by-step written assistance guide so that you can complete the documents yourself. We will also check these documents once you have completed them to enable you to send them to the court. In addition to this we will provide you with up to 1 hour’s advice in assisting you to complete the documentation and discussing with you the court process. The cost of the service is £250 plus VAT, plus the court fees.

Complete Divorce Service. As the name implies we will represent you throughout the divorce proceedings, advising, and preparing all the documentation on your behalf and, as necessary, while the divorce remains uncontested, correspond with yourself the court and your spouse. The cost of the service is £350 plus VAT plus court fees.

We offer a 10% discount on the above prices to clients who have previously instructed us. In addition we offer a 10% discount for any new client who has referred other work to us for which we have charged.


If you and your spouse have reached agreement with regard to financial issues following the breakdown of your marriage, we can guide you through all steps to achieving a clean break, discussing your case, preparing documentation for the court, for £300, plus VAT, plus a court fee of £50.

If you have not been able to reach agreement prior to instructing us you have two options:

Basic Financial Advice Service..... The service will provide up to 1 hour’s face-to-face advice, and a written outline of the steps we feel you should take, the evidence you need to collect, and will correspond on two occasions with yourself and your spouse. We will provide you with the draft documentation to enable you to make your own application. The cost of the service will be £250 plus VAT.plus court fees.

Managed Financial Advice Service..... This service will provide up to 3 hours face-to-face advice, preparation of documentation necessary to file your application with the court,assist you in obtaining financial information from other sources,for example, employer and obtaining a valuation on any property and pension. We will also provide advice on the documentation you require from your spouse. We will advise on evidence. The charge for this service is £799 plus VAT plus a court fee. In the event that court proceedings are required we will discuss with you are charges for attending court.


Basic advice on children issues....... for preliminary advice, up to one hours face-to-face meeting, and a maximum of four letters, to include the preparation of any application for you to file yourself our £249 plus VAT. You will obviously be responsible for the court fee.

Managed children proceedings...... the service will provide up to 2 hours face-to-face advice, preparation of documentation necessary to make an application to the court, corresponding with yourself the court and your spouse/partner, up to 10 items, for which our charges will be £449 plus VAT. There will be a court fee payable by you. Should you wish us to attend court will discuss the charge separately.


You may feel unsure about dealing with any of the above and would like merely some detailed advice. Our consultation service therefore, to include up to 1 1/2 hours meeting and one letter to set out our advice will be £100 plus VAT.

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